Advanced Diploma in Engineering (Civil & Architectural) (Level 5)

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The Advanced Diploma year (Level 5) builds on the work undertaken in the Diploma in Civil & Architectural Engineering (Level 4). It develops further students’ knowledge and critical understanding of the skills, competencies and attributes required for civil engineers.

The course enables students to develop further in the study of a range of inter-related subject areas including mathematics, statistical analysis, surveying, practical and design skills. The development of professional skills is emphasised, together with understanding the wider societal and socio-economic contexts in which civil engineers operate.

The STI MU Advanced Diploma in Engineering (Level 5) provides the second of three years of study which culminates in the BEng (Hons) (Top-up) at Level 6, awarded by the University of Bedfordshire, UK.

Method of Assessment

Acquisition of core knowledge is through a mixture of lectures, presentations, demonstrations, laboratory sessions, field trips, site visits, experiments and self-directed study

Analytical thinking skills are developed through discussion and test questions.

Practical skills are developed through laboratory experiments, the use of simulation software and workplace experience.

Transferable skills are developed through assignments and presentations, particularly in the project unit.

Assessment activities provide major opportunities for learning. Assessment criteria are linked to unit learning outcomes and stated for students in Unit Information Forms (UIFs).

Assessment methods vary for different units, but the course will include:

Unseen mathematical tests

Case studies or relevant workplace scenarios

Practical assessments

Assignment reports

Oral presentations

Group project work

Closed book examinations

In-class assessments

Lab reports

Each unit will include a variety of methods from the list above. The number of assessments varies from unit to unit.

Entry Requirement

Successful completion of 1st Year BEng in Engineering



Course Fees

USD 7,500
Course Fees must be paid in Myanmar Kyats equivalent.
Course Fees may subject to change without piror notice.


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