Mr. Guy Nir

Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering

Mr. Guy Nir is a Lecturer of Faculty of Engineering. He earned Bachelor of Architecture from Tel Aviv University, Israel. He is a professional trainer for AutoCad*, Rhino*, Vray*, SketchUp*, Photoshop*, Lumion*, T-Splines, GrassHopper, HTML. He is responsible for Architecture Design Studio and other Archi related modules.

Published Papers

Research of the elderly population living in the area, in order to understand how best to design and adapt their current low standard of living into an uplifting environment for themselves and future generations (China/Shanghai/Hongku/Tilanqiao)

Research about futuristic sustainable living on planet mars led me to meet and question astronauts, space architects, scientists and futuristic technologies (Mars)

Research about downtown Tel-Aviv that had to do with re-arranging the street compositions, directions and functions, in order to add an additional light-train rail in the heart of Tel Aviv. (Israel/Tel Aviv/Arlozorov)

This research about the family dealt with understanding how a family functions. What’s the dynamics between people, and how to design spaces that best fit their needs? (Family)

This research deal with the ability of designing 10 apartment buildings that best uses the lot given. (Apartment buildings in Tel-Aviv)