STIMU's values are reflected in its approach to management, operations and academic missions and undertakings. These values guide the short term and long-term goals of the university and serve as the underlying principles into which all the university's efforts in daily operations and decision-making are conducted. It is also in these values that the university's quality and standards are anchored. Student-Centered: STIMU places the welfare and benefits of the students as the top priority of the school. It promotes and works for the success of the students both academically and in their civic engagements. Equal opportunity. STIMU believes that equal opportunity for all, promotes social justice and a 'level playing field' for all university staff,students and partners. STIMU believes in university community spirit that promotes inclusion, equity and fairness. Within the context of the diversity and richness of Myanmar's cultural and political formations with its different ethnic groups, dialects and social customs and geographies, STIMU ensures academic policies that supports and complement this diversity for the common good of the community and progressive future economic opportunities. With this equitable access to all the resources and opportunities are extended to all students and staff. STIMU maintains an environment of fairness, respect, compassion, friendship and goodwill. Collaboration and Team Sprit. This calls for a dynamic collaboration and engagements among all faculty, staff, students, parents, alumni as well as collaboration with academic and non- academic partners in the area of knowledge, shared resources, infrastructure, opportunities, expertise and visions. Innovation. STIMU places a high premium on innovation thus continually looks for ways to improve its programme offering that would lead to a more positive and relevant contributions taking into account the current needs of students as well as the current national and global needs and trends. It takes advantage of many innovations at the local and international markets both in terms of academic and industry partnerships, new researches, and updated learning resources. STIMU continually studies and forecasts upcoming trends and events in order to effectively position itself for progress and innovation at all levels with its strong local and international network and partnerships. Accountability. STIMU values the integrity in all its dealings and is trustworthy stewards of all its university resources and related environmental resources. Its standards and quality assurance department ensures that accountability is ingrained in the university culture. Transparency. STIMU seeks an open and honest communications to all levels at all times and ensures that all relevant and needed information are disseminated and received in a clear and open set-up. Excellence. STIMU believes that only through excellence can it effectively carry out its mission and goals.









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