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  • BBA in Management (The Open University of Hong Kong)
Success Story
  • BBA in Management (The Open University of Hong Kong)

  • 👨‍🎓 Student By : Aye Thandar Kyaw

I achieved degree in business Administration from the Open University of Hong Kong by supporting from the STIMU. I have joined STIMU in 2013 and they support to us to become qualified people. In STMU, the teachers teach us not only literatures but also they share their work experiences so feel like we are learning in actual workplaces. And also excursion to inventories really point out how we solve the problems in workplace. The knowing only the literatures could not fit with workplace so the students should know how we apply with our knowledge and how we handle crisis. Unforgettable memories are funny times with my friends, we prepare presentations together, we share knowledge each other and also we do some ridiculous together. I will never forget my University student life and thank you to STIMU.