Su Myat Tin (Brand Equity Associate Japan Tobacco International (JTI))

BBA in Management (The Open University of Hong Kong)

A bachelor’s degree holder from the OUHK and I majored in business administration. I joined STI Myanmar University in the year 2013 and I knew about the university from a local newspaper. The life of being a university student was fun especially because I got all the chances to learn not only from the teachings of our talented professors and lecturers but also from researching for additional knowledge online and from interacting with people for preparations of presentations and assignments for both individual and group works.

To have entered the workforce for me was actually the right decision since it was very eye-opening and because it gives the opportunity to actually learn and obtain the experience I many never get from the textbooks. My personal humble advice to all business students is to sign up for internship programs at any international or multinational companies because the real business world awaits us with countless number of new things to be learned and the best possible way to acquire it is from self-experiencing.

All in all, I would have never achieved this much without proper guidance and teachings from the lecturers, well outlined curriculum and the feedback I received from all the presentations and assignments that I carried out though the academic year. Life really was a whole lot more enriching for me with STI Myanmar University.