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  • Pan Hsu Myat Mon (Grace)
  • BA(Hons) Business Administration (University of Bedfordshire, UK)
Success Story
  • BA(Hons) Business Administration (University of Bedfordshire, UK)

  • 👨‍🎓 Student By : Pan Hsu Myat Mon (Grace)

I chose STI MU as soon as Matriculation results out because I believed this university can give us good opportunities and it can link with great foreign universities... The teaching style is really awesome.. We have learned not only technical and theories but also practical workplace experience. In final year, I joined with University of Bedfordshire.. Because of the care and effective knowledge sharing of teachers, I passed and graduated easily with flying colors and distinction. So, I want to give an opinion that STI MU would be the best choice for your education and future living.

 "No pain no gain, just go straight well and give help to others by applying your abilities and knowledge"