Kyaw Zin Thant (Modern Trade Development Associate, Japan Tobacco International)

BBA in Management (The Open University of Hong Kong)

I chose BBA because of my passionate dream to be a great leader. During my student life, I saw the light which showed the way to my dream which is having a chance to meet with directors and managers from famous corporation like AYA Bank, Yum Yum and so for projects and assignments. Discussion and interviewing with them not held me not only for projects but also for my career by knowing what kind of talent which are they looking for and my personal network with them. I am also happy to share some of my steps in my career life. After BBA, i joined one MNC Corporation. My experience of doing well at university assignments and projects gave a chance to be a nominate from an internship program to become official employee. We all know learning as a student is boring sometime. In my opinion, the learning as collecting the working experiences where you are working and you have to apply them soon will give you more interesting on what you’re learning.