Dr Preeti @ Hnin Hay Marn Aung - Heath care and nutrition advisor (YP7 Company)

MSc Nutrition & Dietetics ( University of Bedfordshire, UK), M.B;B.S (Mdy).

Firstly, I would like to share my Experience & Knowledge during my University days.

After years of working as a medical officer, I had decided to pursue my love and passion for Nutrition & Healthy lifestyle and so I returned to education, to study Master of Nutrition & Dietetic. I knew it was the right program for me! 

Teachers from STI University are very kind, helpful and supportive to us throughout our master studies. They are wonderful as they challenge us and guide us. Their dedication to making sure we learn the subject and can understand and apply it is evident. My study skills were improved a lot by academic way of learning in STI University; for example, discussions after lectures, presentations and writing assignments with proper referencing and regular feedbacks. Most important thing in reality was effective planning outlines for assignments and time management. After a few months of studying this course, Therapeutic Nutrition became most interesting area which I can link between nutritional science and medicine and this subject is worth applying in clinical practice. Moreover, I had an outstanding period of learning experience in Thailand during my work placement. To me, I was found out true enjoyment in learning my favorite subjects and it is really worth and priceless.