Su Htet Wai

Nutrition and Dietetics (University of Bedfordshire, UK), B.Pharm (University of Pharmacy, Yangon) MSc.

I have been interested in Nutrition since my Bachelor student life as most of the health problems in Myanmar are consequences of the lack of nutritional knowledge. I found out that STI carried Master of Nutrition and Dietetics course to Myanmar which made my wish fulfilled. STI provides not only literature learning but also internship training at hospitals and food service. Teachers are kind and we feel like second home. I am very satisfied with the method of teaching and feels really lucky to be a student of STI. Thank you STI for giving a great opportunity for students who don't get a chance to go abroad for further study. I would like to improve nutrition awareness among Myanmar people and I am sure my passion can make a great success as part of my country's development.


"If you believe in yourself, anything is possible"