Aye Minn Thu

M.Ed (The Open University of Hong Kong), B.A (German, YUFL), TKT (Cambridge University) , Assistant Teacher at Dulwich College Yangon

I worked as a teacher in Yangon International School and ILBC. After that, I learned about the OUHK Master of Education Programme in STI Myanmar University. There were three modules, so it took me about two and half years. When I look back at my Master programme experience knowing that I made achievements in my academic study, work and social life; during and after the programme not only my time, management skills, and my stress management skills have been upgraded but also my teaching knowledge and my self-confidence have been improved. I really want to say thank you to our teachers/professors who are crucial in challenging us to do better and to bring out our BEST in assignments. Luckily, I met friends who are supportive and friendly: sharing good ideas and giving great suggestions during the discussion time. It is nice to see some STI helpful staffs who give the important information about

Assignments/exams, and school events on time. The Master’s Programme has served me as an eye opener and the perfect background for my personal development as an educational leader.


 “To achieve fame is you know how to balance your academic study, work and your social life.”